IVF and Surrogacy options for Curing Infertility


Women might have reached the peak of career success but even today, being a mother brings ultimate joy. Blame it on stress to meet the goals or the environment, the fertility rate has decreased massively all over the world. While this may seem to be a curse, there is another side to it which can be called a boon. Technologies like IVF and surrogacy is giving hope to childless couples even at an elder age. Egg donation in India is also becoming popular, increasing chance of conceiving in women who have lower egg count.
The Growing Demand of Fertility Centre in Chennai
As said earlier more and more people are trying to get in touch with best fertility centre in Chennai. Many such centres have surfaced and are joining in the race to become the best by offering top notch services. Late marriage, changing climate and much more can be accounted for infertility both in men and woman. People want kids and they are ready to do anything in order to become parents. Fibroids can often cause infertility in woman and sperm count is also falling in men due to sedentary lifestyle. If you are hunting for one of the most reputed Fertility Clinics in India then Chennai can be a good choice. Chennai is one of those metropolitans of the country where medical facilities are quite good and doctors are equipped with advanced fertility techniques. That is the reason why many people visit Chennai for availing sure shot infertility treatment. With wide range of techniques available at these centres pregnancy is not going to be a problem, anymore.
What is IVF?
You have heard a lot about IVF centre in India but may not have a clear idea about the process. If you are dealing with infertility, it is important for you to know what it is all about. It is a process of manually combining egg and sperm and transferring it back to the womb for the baby to develop in a natural way. This process is followed if the fallopian tube is damaged or in case of uterine fibroids or endometriosis or any other unexplained infertility problem.
What is surrogacy?
Surrogacy is an option for the mother whose womb is not capable of bearing a child. In that case, another female keeps the baby in her uterus till it is born and then hands the child over to the real parents. This system is also quite popular these days and is being adopted by people with medical issues or for those who don’t want the hassles of child birth. Choose a surrogacy centre in India that will carry it out with proper care.
While these are two major treatments available, there are much more options available for people who are willing to become parents.

IVF and Surrogacy options for Curing Infertility

Knowing The Bright Future Of IVF Clinics In India

provide3IVF or In Vitro Fertilization has been gaining a lot of popularity in India. This is the reason why a lot of people from other countries are visiting India as IVF offers better prospects here. For those who do not know, IVF is a kind of assisted reproductive technology, or you can say ART. With the implementation of this technology, thousands of couples have been able to fulfil their desire of becoming a parent. The IVF clinics in India have helped a lot of women to become mothers. So, let us tell you more about this technology.
The aspects of IVF clinics in India
In the technology related to IVF India, there are mainly four steps. The first step is known as ovulation induction. The process of ovulation is triggered in this step. The next step is called egg retrieval. Once the ovum takes the form of an egg, it is retrieved very carefully. In the third step, the fertilization of the egg is carried out. In the fourth or the final step, the embryo is transferred to the uterus inside the mother. With the help of best IVF centre in Chennai, couples who are infertile from the perspective of reproductive system can also think about becoming parents.
There is no dearth of IVF clinics in Chennai, and the market of Surrogacy Centre In India is expanding at an impressive rate. But, it is also true that not all clinics are reliable enough. Since IVF is a very complicated process therefore one should not take any kind of risk when it comes to choosing the best IVF clinic in Chennai. So, how to find out the best one? Below are some of the points you can consider in this matter-
1. License- In order to run IVF clinics in India it is important to obtain a license from the Indian government. Therefore, when browsing through the website of an IVF centre or when you visit its office then it would be better to make sure the clinic is a licensed one. The license to run such a clinic is given by the government only if the centre is well equipped with all the necessary facilities and the doctors are experienced and trained ones.
2. Reputation- The reputation of most of the IVF India based clinics is good one. This is the reason why people even from the other countries come down to India. You can verify the reputation through many ways; you can check out the online reviews, testimonials, and also ask for recommendations from your family doctor about.
3. Success rate- The rate of success delivered by the best IVR centre in Chennai will surely impress you. Most of the details are already provided on the website of the clinics.
4. Fees- The amount of money charged by the best IVF clinic in Chennai might bother you a little; but, the kind of service you will get in return will be worth the money spent.
So, those were some of the points you can consider for finding a good IVF and Egg Donation In India based centre.

Knowing The Bright Future Of IVF Clinics In India

Things you should know before entering a fertility centre

Well, have you been trying to have your baby but without success? If yes, you are not alone. Today, many couples are having difficulty conceiving. Let us discuss a few important aspects in this regard.

If you think you have an issue with infertility, where could you start? Of course, it is all very overwhelming. While there is loads of information available, distinguishing the facts from myths can be pretty confusing.
Before making an appointment at a Chennai fertility centre, it is good to be updated on some information.

Find a doctor whom you can connect well with
Don’t forget that the prospective doctor and his/her health care team can help you achieve your goal; hence, it is important that there exists a bond of caring and trust.

Get support  
You can ask anyone that has been through this process— infertility treatment is certainly not cake walk. However, a lot of couples and women avoid speaking to a counsellor; they don’t join any support group and always keep their challenging journey private. Well, remember that there aren’t any awards being given to suffer alone. Being really strong is about knowing when you have to take full care of yourself. Speak to a fertility counsellor in the best fertility centre in Chennai who specializes in assisting and guiding couples and individuals through the challenge of infertility. You can also find someone with whom you can confide in to share the emotional parts of this unique process and it can be priceless. Numerous fertility centres possess their own support programs for their patients undergoing treatment.

Egg donation in India  
Needless to mention, you may have to consider several other options to achieve your goal. Following three unsuccessful intrauterine inseminations, chances of a pregnancy through IUI go down. And, if you have suffered quite a few pregnancy losses or multiple failed IVF cycles, you should start looking at other options.

In fact, for some individuals, involving a third party in the process such as donor egg or sperm and surrogacy can help overcome their struggles related to infertility. Undergoing genetic testing or screening embryos via pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) before embryo transfer often helps reveal new information.

All fertility centres are not alike, hence, look around
Every fertility centre is different; so, it is vital to consider those differences (as well as similarities) during your research. Treatment practices may involve multiple physicians, each one with his/her own specialities and interests. Moreover, facilities may vary greatly. Check if the centre has an India IVF lab or whether they outsource. Confirm whether or not they provide PGD/genetic testing. Does the centre have a well equipped research department? Consider their experience, history, success rates, services and staff. Doing so will help you know the breadth and depth of the prospective fertility centre.

Above all, remember to always be your own advocate. You should ask yourself. You can also search the search engines. And, of course, consult with your physician.

If you are looking for the best fertility centre in Chennai, Srushti Fertility Centre is the ultimate choice. Equipped with the latest technology and highly experienced doctors, the centre offers the best service and makes the dream of having a family come true.

Things you should know before entering a fertility centre

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fertility Clinic

If you are suffering from infertility then you will be in the lookout for a good fertility clinic in India or elsewhere. You will want to choose the right kind of treatment for your fertility issues, so it advisable to choose the best fertility centre in Chennai. It is good to follow a few tips to help you pick the right fertility clinic for your needs.

Infertility can cause a lot of depression and even shatter the hearts of many a childless couple. In India if it is the woman who is having a fertility issue then it can lead to severe despair, anxiety and also distress. This directly affects the identity of the woman and also creates a bad impact on their interpersonal relationships. If a woman cannot conceive or cannot carry the pregnancy to term, it can be really shattering for most women.

40 % infertility is because there is an issue with the male partner and the other 40 % is due to female infertility or other issues with the uterus. The remaining 20 % is because of complications between the couples and other physical issues. To solve this kind of issues egg donation in India is catching up quickly. Women can take advantage of the eggs, if they have issues with their ovulation or the quality of eggs. There are also many surrogacy centers in India which can help you find a healthy woman who can carry your baby to term without any issues.

Infertility is generally of two types secondary and primary. There are many fertility clinic in India who can treat all kind so infertility issues. There are certain risk factors which will affect fertility and they include drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, toxins, ovulation issues, unhealthy fallopian tubes, uterine problems, smoking, age factors, chemotherapy, unnecessary self-medication and other chronic medical conditions.  Since the fertility concerns very sensitive issues both physically and emotionally, it is best to pick an expert who have a good number of years of experience in the field.

When it is time to pick a sterility center pick a professional who makes you feel very comfortable from day one and offers you solutions for your fertility issues. They should be someone who is competent, qualified and also one with a positive outlook. They should be able to understand your limitations and also affordable from your point of view. The best fertility centers in Chennai can be found easily, if you research well and then finalize your decision. You should also research the success rate of the fertility clinic you pick for your requirements.

Compare this rate with the other services they offer before making your decision. Ensure that the physicians and the health care workers at the fertility center are licensed, qualified and certified. Take referrals from friends and family but also do your homework well as the treatment should suit you specifically. This will ensure that the clinic offers the specific treatment and services that you require and are looking for.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Trust Only Leading Fertility Clinic in India

With advanced techno-revolution, there is rising increment in the number of infertility cases and it could be due to anything. At Srushti Fertility Centre, our aim is to dig out the possible cause of fertility. Once we locate the possible cause of infertility, we put our strong effort to deal with them. The possible reason of infertility can be low sperm count or any type of women problem. With years of experience, we are successfully providing solutions to both men and women.
We understand the stress that couples have of not having a baby. Therefore, we work hard such that they can acquire this amazing nature’s gift.

Successful Fertility Treatment with Advanced Technology
Being the best fertility centre in Chennai, Srushti Fertility Centre strives hard to cater the best solutions for solving all type of fertility problems. We are completely compassionate and empathetic with the situation you feel. Therefore, you don’t need to feel awkward and shy for reaching us. Comfortably contact us to get wonder solutions for your fertility problems.

Preserve Best Egg Donation in India
Certainly, some women are facing problems conceiving. There are so many couples who are not able to have their own child. However, you can really help them to get this happiness of having a child. For this purpose only, a woman can donate her egg to the needy woman. Some women are not able to render an egg on their own. In such cases other woman donates her own egg to this woman for further fertilization process.
Srushti Fertility Centre has enriched with great fertility expert, Dr. S. Samundhi Sankari. She has been imbibed with more than 35 years of experience in this advent field. Therefore, she always plans best solution to cater the best.

Prerequisites for Successful Egg Donation
Prior to egg donation in India, we make sure that the donor pass screening test. This screening test comprises of blood tests, ultrasound, pelvic examination and many more. Along with these tests, there are other checks like marital status, age, gender and complexion.

Create Life with Best Surrogacy Centre in India
At Srushti Fertility Centre, our aim is to establish families of the incapable couples. We have dedicated team and staffs who strive hard to help you to start your own family. We employ only healthy and suitable women for carrying your child. Keeping the NCMR (National Council for Medical Research) guidelines in pace, we help infertile or non-capable couples to become parents. It has been more than 20 years that we are serving best surrogacy measures for several people.
We never hide anything between surrogates and parents. Therefore, we maintain a clear communication between them.

Clear and Reliable Surrogacy  
There are very crucial law amendments for opting surrogacy. But we always follow all applicable law amendments and each surrogate agree to donate either egg, full-term pregnancy, full-term IVF with artificial insemination or any other kind of surrogacy.  We are always there to help you live this dream.

Trust Only Leading Fertility Clinic in India

A Brief Overview on Surrogacy in India

India has turned into a mainstream therapeutic tourism destination, with individuals from all edges of the world frequenting the nation for treatment of medicinal conditions, including surrogacy as there are many surrogacy centre in India which are highly advanced. Advanced as “leasing a womb”, business surrogacy in India is on the ascent fundamentally because of the lower costs included when contrasted with different countries. By, around 1,500 surrogacy births occurred in the nation in 2010, including those for Indian and worldwide couples.

The procedure of surrogacy includes a contractual relationship between the couple and the surrogate mother, who needs to surrender the child to them after its introduction to the world in thought for some measure of cash. After the labor, the surrogate mother has no privilege or claim on the youngster, however the tyke will keep on being the national of the nation of his/her introduction to the world, even is the couple hails from some other nation. In the event that, there is a contributor included, his name won’t be uncovered and the conception declaration of the tyke will bear the name of the custodial folks. The name of the surrogate mother won’t show up at wherever on the conception endorsement. The regularization and sanctioning of surrogacy clinic India has assumed a noteworthy part in drawing in childless couples from inside of the nation and in addition abroad.

Advantages of Surrogacy in India
The real advantage of picking an IVF center in India is its lower expense in contrast with Western countries. It is as less as half when contrasted with those in UK and USA. The general expense of the entire procedure measures up to $ 6000, which is thought to be extremely sensible. Aside from this, the legitimateness of the procedure makes things much easier for individuals originating from universal destinations as the entire procedure is appropriately channelized and is free of entanglements. Moreover, there are directing offices accessible in the surrogacy centers, alongside nitty gritty records and history of surrogate moms, which empower couples to pick the best surrogate mother for bearing their youngster. These IVF centers in India work with an expert and committed way to deal with give the best administrations to the imminent folks. In addition, the social set up of the nation is such that ladies are less presented to evil substances such as liquor, smoking and medications, which expands their odds of bearing a solid posterity.

Another treatment which is permitted and generally honed in India is sperm or egg donation. The egg donation in India is carried out by donors who are somewhere around 18 and 35 years of age, and they are to be screened for a wide range of sexually transmitted ailments and hereditary issue. Likewise, the nation has countless banks and sperm benefactor screening is additionally done on a broad scale. Egg donation in India is one of the main reasons for single mothers from all over the world visiting the place.

Different sorts of medicines, for example, IUI, ICSI and helped bring forth are additionally completed in the Indian richness facilities, contingent on the condition and prerequisites of the patients. Sex determination is not allowable, with the exception of the situations where the dangers of sex connected issue are included. For the individuals why should looking get richness treatment in India, it is critical to search for the best fertility clinic in India. Achievement rate likewise matters and it is ideal to settle on a center which is ISO confirmed as it guarantees elevated requirement of treatment for the patients. So if you need surrogacy, then head to India and find the best fertility clinic in India right away.

A Brief Overview on Surrogacy in India