Everything You Should Know About the Infertility Treatments

You’d often hear cases where couples at really young ages discuss the problems related to infertility. There can be a variety of reasons behind a man or women being infertile. With the evolution and progress that medical science has done over these years, most of these problems or medical conditions can be easily treated.

One prominent way that is getting popular among the couple these days is IVF. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization and many other similar treatments are great ways where a woman is able to conceive a child in spite of different types of adverse medical conditions or infertility problems.

Check out some of the benefits of these infertility treatments discussed below compiled by the experts at the IVF clinics in India.

Numerous Options
Just like the IVF, there are many different types of treatments that are popular amongst these patients. It is believed that IVF is often the last resort and it is used when all other methods and treatments fail to display results. Some of the popular treatments are intrauterine insemination, medical treatments to open up the blocked fallopian tubes, etc. along with the IVF technique.

No Limitations
Since the type and amount of treatments available are many, one can easily find something that works for them. Irrespective of the medical condition or the age of the person (male/female) suffering from infertility, the doctors can suggest a variety of treatments that prove to be effective. In addition to this, in cases when people want to conceive after an old age they too can opt for such treatments and experience the joy of parenthood in life.

You Plan the Childbirth
Although you can otherwise also plan the birth of your child, things are much more controlled when you go for the option of infertility treatments. You can easily find a variety of Chennai fertility centre and then discuss everything with your doctor to plan the time of your child’s birth. There are possibilities where you can preserve the eggs for the future use and this can be very helpful for people who do not want kids at the time they can conceive naturally.

Healthy Baby
The chances of unhealthy baby or a baby born with some or other kind of problems will happen rarely when a baby is born through the treatments taken in the best IVF clinics in India. Since the process is very simplified and focuses on every small and big issue, it is often seen that the problems considered as life threatening do not exist in these children.

Reduced Miscarriage
Since these treatments provided by the IVF centres are highly revolutionised and focussed, the chances of miscarriages or non-conception are negligible. Since abnormality caused due to genes or other medical issues is largely terminated through these treatments, the chances of problems like miscarriages get reduced.

These are a few of the most important benefits associated with the infertility treatments, which can be easily resolved by contacting the best IVF centre in Chennai.

Everything You Should Know About the Infertility Treatments

India IVF Clinics Are Some Of The Most Advanced Around The World

India is globally reputed as a destination for state-of-the-art IVF treatments and hosts many childless couples from around the world who go to seek related help every year. The success rate recorded by the best IVF centers in Chennai and other places in India is also very high.

Chennai fertility centers and other IVF clinics in India combine medical knowledge and use advanced technology to achieve best results. In fact, ivf clinics in India use very advanced IVF medical know-how and some of the best ivf technology applications today. Another advantage with seeking IVF treatment in India is that it is one of the places you can get the lowest cost of ivf treatment around the globe. The cost is up to half of what is charged by clinics in Western countries.

There are many clinics from which you can seek IVF treatments in India. Some of the best ivf clinic in Chennai are are privately owned and have chains or branches around the country. If you reside out of India but hoping to visit India IVF clinics for treatment, the best place where to start your research for a suitable clinic is the internet.

Many people also seek to understand the professionalism and experience of the doctor before they can commit to the treatment. Different clinics have different success rates and thus, some couples will want to look at those with high success rates.

In addition, these clinics are located in different places around India and thus you might want to check which ones operate in the towns or cities you want to visit, for instance Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. Although most clinics will deal with a variety of problems including IVF, ICSI, surgical sperm retrieval, IUI, male patient evaluations, and assisted hatching, you could check which clinic specializes in treating your case if you already know it.

Since these clinics are famous for high rates of successful treatments, it is also possible to get referrals to one or two clinics from people who have been through these treatment. Many hospitals and professional IVF doctors around the world are also aware of popularity of India fertility clinics and can refer you there if they perceive that your situation could be solved by these clinics.

Ivf doctors in many countries are also aware of specific ivf clinics and individual doctors who can attend to your situation because normally, they might have handled another person with a similar condition and who they referred to the Indian clinics. Today, it is even possible to find Indian doctors offering IVF help in hospitals in other countries around the world and these might be more familiar with the situation of clinics in India.

Getting to speak to an Indian IVF doctor before you travel there can be very advantageous. Most of the private and public clinics run websites where they can explain details about their offers and charges. A good Chennai fertility centre allows you to call or see the doctor directly prior to treatment where you can agree on issues relating to the treatment. Many people living far resolve to travel to India a few days before the specific treatment day. This will allow you to easily visit and access the clinic and also the doctor and arrange for treatment procedures. You can discuss the details and cost of treatment prior to it. You need to accompany your spouse if you are unsure of the cause of the problem.

Doctors will use the meeting to understand your situation and thus, make sure to explain fully. Once they understand, they will be able to recommend options they feel are better to your situation. You might also want to ask about the details of the treatment options such as the technology to be used and the possible side effects.

Some of the questions to ask an ivf doctor include how long the treatment will take, whether the doctor will pay additional medical care after treatment, or if for instance, they can refer you to local hospitals in your own country for further medical attention.

India IVF Clinics Are Some Of The Most Advanced Around The World

Things you should know before entering a fertility centre

Well, have you been trying to have your baby but without success? If yes, you are not alone. Today, many couples are having difficulty conceiving. Let us discuss a few important aspects in this regard.

If you think you have an issue with infertility, where could you start? Of course, it is all very overwhelming. While there is loads of information available, distinguishing the facts from myths can be pretty confusing.
Before making an appointment at a Chennai fertility centre, it is good to be updated on some information.

Find a doctor whom you can connect well with
Don’t forget that the prospective doctor and his/her health care team can help you achieve your goal; hence, it is important that there exists a bond of caring and trust.

Get support  
You can ask anyone that has been through this process— infertility treatment is certainly not cake walk. However, a lot of couples and women avoid speaking to a counsellor; they don’t join any support group and always keep their challenging journey private. Well, remember that there aren’t any awards being given to suffer alone. Being really strong is about knowing when you have to take full care of yourself. Speak to a fertility counsellor in the best fertility centre in Chennai who specializes in assisting and guiding couples and individuals through the challenge of infertility. You can also find someone with whom you can confide in to share the emotional parts of this unique process and it can be priceless. Numerous fertility centres possess their own support programs for their patients undergoing treatment.

Egg donation in India  
Needless to mention, you may have to consider several other options to achieve your goal. Following three unsuccessful intrauterine inseminations, chances of a pregnancy through IUI go down. And, if you have suffered quite a few pregnancy losses or multiple failed IVF cycles, you should start looking at other options.

In fact, for some individuals, involving a third party in the process such as donor egg or sperm and surrogacy can help overcome their struggles related to infertility. Undergoing genetic testing or screening embryos via pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) before embryo transfer often helps reveal new information.

All fertility centres are not alike, hence, look around
Every fertility centre is different; so, it is vital to consider those differences (as well as similarities) during your research. Treatment practices may involve multiple physicians, each one with his/her own specialities and interests. Moreover, facilities may vary greatly. Check if the centre has an India IVF lab or whether they outsource. Confirm whether or not they provide PGD/genetic testing. Does the centre have a well equipped research department? Consider their experience, history, success rates, services and staff. Doing so will help you know the breadth and depth of the prospective fertility centre.

Above all, remember to always be your own advocate. You should ask yourself. You can also search the search engines. And, of course, consult with your physician.

If you are looking for the best fertility centre in Chennai, Srushti Fertility Centre is the ultimate choice. Equipped with the latest technology and highly experienced doctors, the centre offers the best service and makes the dream of having a family come true.

Things you should know before entering a fertility centre

Srushti Fertility Centre: A Ray of Hope

Srushti Fertility Centre is a multilingual, state of the art IVF Lab and Infertility Hospital that provides personalised care with the most advanced technology needed to handle sterility, a reproduction disorders. The facility provides professionally complete control over individual’s procedures. A completely independent and sophisticated atmosphere helps in delivering remarkable achievements. Our fertility professionals together maintain a high effective maternity rate. We offer best guidance, support, and therapy to the couples who want to have children by overcoming reproduction challenges.

Guaranteed Best Professional Care By Professionals  
We, at Srushti Fertility Centre, are dedicated to render best and quality In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF India) treatment to needy individuals. It is greatly equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, innovative accessories and highly-proficient doctors. We began with a two space clinic and now with remarkable efforts, we have been accredited as one of the best Fertility Clinic in India. We render the best of all main and additional fertility therapies to each patient as here, we understand the pain you bear and value the trust you have in us.

What Drives Us To Be The Best IVF Center In India?
The diagnosis of sterility is regularly very awe-inspiring for patients. Not only they are gifted with the grand news of having a baby through the course of therapy, but they are also presented with guidance and support to pursue that happiness. We try to make them familiar with all healthcare terminologies along with relevant treatments suggestions. We, the Srushti IVF Reproductive Specialists, considers each affected person as our companion and in several cases, that an affected person can be well-informed when they a have emotional bond with you. This actually, also aids in better execution of therapy. We try to develop an open and moral relationship with each individual in a positive atmosphere, an atmosphere where questions are always welcomed and encouraged. And, this is the reason for our success.

More About Srushti  
In today’s lightning-fast lifestyle, where several couples are career-oriented and could barely handle spare time, the situations of sterility are on the rise due to excessive work-related stress, irregular dietary habits, and various other factors. There is a host of factors responsible for sterility. It could be genetic (in some cases), a result of any internal injury or due to other factors. Srushti IVF Centre is the innovator in offering cost-effective yet credible sterility curation to people across the India and this is why, we are renowned as the best Chennai Fertility Centre. We are blessed to offer best and affordable fertility treatments to patients across 55+ nations. We are dedicated to combine best expertise with latest technologies so that our patients can get best care under expert supervision. Srushti is greatly imbibed with high-qualified and experienced fertility consultant, who put their supreme efforts to render best treatment to each individual. Our aim is to bring smiles on the faces of people, who want to become parents and we put best efforts to make that possible.

Srushti Fertility Centre: A Ray of Hope

How To Select The Right IVF Center In India

With the development of technology, the evolution of IVF clinics is one of the biggest successes in the medical field. As it offers treatment for women with blocked, damaged or absent Fallopian tubes which hinder their body to conceive. IVF can help infertile couples to begin their own family with the right treatment. This medical solution resulted in increasing the fertility rate among couples, which led to improved the number of IVF clinics. These clinics are blessing for mothers who are unable to conceive through natural methods.

IVF is also used in combination with some other medical treatments, such as decoding infertility, surrogate mother, restoring natural path, etc. to accomplish the dreams of number of be a parents. If you unable to conceive, then you can opt for IVF clinics for the right treatment. The task of choosing an experienced fertility clinic is a very crucial decision, so it should not be taken lightly. It can be an overwhelming task to select the best clinic, as there are an abundance of IVF clinics in India. Here are some simple tips that can help you select a fertility clinic.

Ask For Reference  

One of the easiest ways to select a clinic for IVF solutions in India is to seek references from your personal gynaecologist or friends. This can help you find a licensed clinic that provides fertility treatment, according to the medical rules and regulations. These rules can differ from country to country, thus you need to be extra careful while making a choice.
Check Out The Experience  

You must check out the level of experience that a clinic has, as this can assure you to select the best one. The longer an IVF clinic has been in the field the better facility you are likely to get as its working durations proves its integrity and credibility to the patients. You must conduct a detailed research regarding various clinics, so that you make a sound decision. If you are looking for a reputed and experienced Chennai fertility centre, then there are an array of them to select from.

Precisely Discuss Your Medical History  

It is vital that you disclose your medical history with your selected doctor, as this actually helps to craft your expectations from the treatment. This can also help your doctor to your treatment process into a successful way. You must go to a clinic where its gynaecologist, fertility consultants, embryologist and urologists can acknowledge the entire fertility process, as this helps you to understand each and every step of the entire process.

Srushti Fertility Centre is one of the leading IVF clinics in India that aim at fulfilling the dream of being parents. They have a team of physicians and embryologist who have years of experience in rendering treatment of infertility. Their clinic comprises trained nurses, laboratory technicians, and counsellors and administrative staff which strive to serve their patients in the best way possible. They are an entrusted name when it comes to handling complicated infertility cases in the right way. They offer a plethora of services that include decoding infertility, Green IVF, ICSI, PGD, fertility for preservation, etc.

How To Select The Right IVF Center In India