Myths and Misconceptions About IVF Clinics in India Busted!

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an assisted reproductive technology where fertilization of the eggs are performed outside the human body. With the use of this technology several couples are able to get babies without any form of fertility treatments. In fact, in recent years it was recorded that over 5 million children worldwide were born with the help of IVF.

Though there are a plethora of benefits offered by this technology, yet many are not sure whether they should opt for it or not due to the possible myths and misconceptions that they have in their mind. This article will focus on the common myths that people have regarding IVF clinics in India and at the same time make you aware why this is one of the finest assisted reproductive technology.

Common Myths About In Vitro Fertilization:

Despite of the increase in public attention about this technology, there are many misconceptions that people come across such as:

Ovarian stimulation can cause cancer: Several studies have been carried out to acknowledge this concern and each one of the showed that there is absolutely no link of IVF with ovarian cancer. In fact, reputable research centers have proved that it is safe for one donor to donate over 6 eggs in one particular cycle.

Takes away the eggs and affects your ovary: In the beginning of cycle your body produces a group of eggs that have to be stimulated in that month. Out of the many, only one matures and the others die. So, when this concept is streamlined with IVF then each and every egg gets stimulated and this maximizes the opportunity to ovulate. This clearly means that nothing happens to the other eggs that did not mature or are left behind in the ovary.

Risk of multiple gestation increases: The best IVF centre in Chennai comprehend to the fact that IVF is the only technique that enables physicians to control the number of embryos that will be implanted. However, in other cases such as injectable or oral medications, insemination and intercourse there is no form of control.

IVF can destroy life: Once the process of fertilization is accomplished, either in body or in vitro, natural selection (a process where the fertilized egg adapts to the natural environment for survival) occurs and this is where the healthiest embryo gets the opportunity to be implanted in uterus through a fresh IVF cycle.

Future of Infertility is Today With Chennai Fertility Centre:

The success rate of IVF is amazing, where the chance of conception has grown from 20% to 35% and this is about from 1 in 5 couples to 3 in 5 couples. The other 2 can try once again in the upcoming month. The success rate of survival of embryo after implantation is even better than that of nature, ranging from 40 to 50% in case of women who are less than 35 years of age.

So, the next generations of fertility treatments beckons you with Chennai Fertility Centre, where your dream of having your child will meet reality.

Myths and Misconceptions About IVF Clinics in India Busted!

Everything You Should Know About the Infertility Treatments

You’d often hear cases where couples at really young ages discuss the problems related to infertility. There can be a variety of reasons behind a man or women being infertile. With the evolution and progress that medical science has done over these years, most of these problems or medical conditions can be easily treated.

One prominent way that is getting popular among the couple these days is IVF. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization and many other similar treatments are great ways where a woman is able to conceive a child in spite of different types of adverse medical conditions or infertility problems.

Check out some of the benefits of these infertility treatments discussed below compiled by the experts at the IVF clinics in India.

Numerous Options
Just like the IVF, there are many different types of treatments that are popular amongst these patients. It is believed that IVF is often the last resort and it is used when all other methods and treatments fail to display results. Some of the popular treatments are intrauterine insemination, medical treatments to open up the blocked fallopian tubes, etc. along with the IVF technique.

No Limitations
Since the type and amount of treatments available are many, one can easily find something that works for them. Irrespective of the medical condition or the age of the person (male/female) suffering from infertility, the doctors can suggest a variety of treatments that prove to be effective. In addition to this, in cases when people want to conceive after an old age they too can opt for such treatments and experience the joy of parenthood in life.

You Plan the Childbirth
Although you can otherwise also plan the birth of your child, things are much more controlled when you go for the option of infertility treatments. You can easily find a variety of Chennai fertility centre and then discuss everything with your doctor to plan the time of your child’s birth. There are possibilities where you can preserve the eggs for the future use and this can be very helpful for people who do not want kids at the time they can conceive naturally.

Healthy Baby
The chances of unhealthy baby or a baby born with some or other kind of problems will happen rarely when a baby is born through the treatments taken in the best IVF clinics in India. Since the process is very simplified and focuses on every small and big issue, it is often seen that the problems considered as life threatening do not exist in these children.

Reduced Miscarriage
Since these treatments provided by the IVF centres are highly revolutionised and focussed, the chances of miscarriages or non-conception are negligible. Since abnormality caused due to genes or other medical issues is largely terminated through these treatments, the chances of problems like miscarriages get reduced.

These are a few of the most important benefits associated with the infertility treatments, which can be easily resolved by contacting the best IVF centre in Chennai.

Everything You Should Know About the Infertility Treatments