Important Terms of IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilisation (or fertilization; IVF India) is a method by using the egg of a women can be fertilized by the sperm with the help of technology. It’s a 7 days process where the ovum put off from the woman’s ovaries and fertile by the sperm in a liquid in a laboratory. It takes about 3-7 days to fertilize the zygote (egg).  After this, it implanted in the same or other girl’s uterus. This all process will help a women to get pregnant successfully.

There are number of test and treatments present for this. Here are some of them-
1)Diagnosis of Female Infertility– This has number of sub processes which helps doctor to know exact problems in women’s body who to this treatment. The problems mainly related to scarring, blockages, endometriosis, genetic defect causing infertility, uterine size, irregularities of the fallopian tubes, myometrium and endometrial echo texture etc.
2)Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome– PCOS is common among the young ladies because of their unhealthy lifestyle. By this, multiple cystic created inside the ovaries and can cause to unusual periods.
3)Low Ovarian Reserve-An ovaries can contains number of eggs in a particular time but with LOR these numbers can be reduced which can affects the chance of perfect pregnancy.
4)Ovarian Cystectomy– This can affect the infertility and may reduce the quality of egg.
5)Tubal Blocks– This block will allow the sperm to pass without touching eggs which simply mean that no fertility and no pregnancy.
6)Endometriosis– This is mainly related to tissue. The tissues which supposed to lines inside of uterus is growing outside of it.
7)Adhesions – It is a process of human body response to heal itself so this is not a disease but it can affect women egg and lead to impair the egg’s passage from the ovary.
8)Fibroids– It’s a non-cancerous tumours of the uterine muscle which affect women between age of 30 and 45.
9)Abnormal Uterus– It can make difficult to carry your baby for nine months and can lead to miscarriage.
10)Repeated miscarriages– This mainly happens with the women who reach to 40. It happens to 15%-20 % of all cases.
11)Tubal Reversal– This is one of the most popular method of birth control. In this case woman’s fallopian tube can be closed to prevent next pregnancy.

Cost: Since it’s a costly process that’s why it is available to few countries only but the researcher from Genk Institute for Fertility Technology, Belgium, announced that they have discovered a much lower cost technology which may be suitable for fertility process. They claimed of 90% reduction in cost. India has such hospitals. There are many IVF Center in India which offer this service. If you looking for best fertility centre in Chennai then here we are.

We have the treatment of all these problems. We are one of the best fertility clinic in India located in Chennai. Here we offer you the wide range of treatment and service which to help you to have a cute and healthy baby. We have the history of 20 years and have covered almost all kind of treatments so far.

Important Terms of IVF Treatment

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