An Overview of the IVF Process

IVF in India is slowly becoming the popular method to have children, if they cannot do so in the natural manner. IVF is the abbreviation for In Vitro Fertilization, which is a process couples who struggle to have a child, prefer to adopt. There are some of the best IVF centers in Chennai, India who help you through this process and ensure that you have a baby soon. This treatment is normally performed at the local fertility clinic in India or the Chennai fertility center.

The doctor who specialize in fertility and IVF, works as a team with counsellors and nurses to help you through the process. The medical professional will be with you till you become a parent. All of us require a family of our own and through this proven process of IVF procedure. IVF is one of the best artificial methods to become parents and make your dream comes true.

The fertility doctors at the centers which offer IVF in India help you overcome all fertility issues. The IVF process is possible by joining a sperm and an egg together in the laboratory. The fertilized embryo is then left to grow for a few days in a protected environment before it is transferred to your uterus. This step is practiced by all the fertility clinics in India, to increase the chances of the pregnancy. The process of fertilization can take only a couple of hours – in fact in this time it is possible for a number of embryos to be formed.

The embryos can develop in the laboratory for at least five days. It has been proven that a five day old embryo implants well in the uterus as compared to younger ones. The fertilized embryo is transferred into the uterus of the patient and the process is similar to having the usual pap- smear. The couples wishing to have an IVF procedure done, need to be first consult their fertility doctor. The doctor will conduct the necessary tests and examine the couple, before certifying that the couple qualifies for the process of IVF India.

There are some cases where a simple IVF may not be possible. If the sperm of the partner is not healthy then the sperm is injected into the each egg directly. The female fertility specialist in the best ivf centre in Chennai, India is the one who organizes the IVF treatment. This doctor will examine you and structure the treatment schedule according to your specific requirements. Most women who have this treatment will be prescribed with one treatment protocol; this depends on the age of the women, their health condition and other medical test results.

The two prominent treatment protocols are Antagonist treatment cycles and long down regulations. Antagonist treatment refers to drugs that are injected to prevent the ovulation from happening prematurely. This process is done to monitor the production of the egg and the collection is planned accordingly. Long down treatment is carried out to suppress the natural hormones so that the fertility medication can be administere

An Overview of the IVF Process

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