IVF and Surrogacy options for Curing Infertility


Women might have reached the peak of career success but even today, being a mother brings ultimate joy. Blame it on stress to meet the goals or the environment, the fertility rate has decreased massively all over the world. While this may seem to be a curse, there is another side to it which can be called a boon. Technologies like IVF and surrogacy is giving hope to childless couples even at an elder age. Egg donation in India is also becoming popular, increasing chance of conceiving in women who have lower egg count.
The Growing Demand of Fertility Centre in Chennai
As said earlier more and more people are trying to get in touch with best fertility centre in Chennai. Many such centres have surfaced and are joining in the race to become the best by offering top notch services. Late marriage, changing climate and much more can be accounted for infertility both in men and woman. People want kids and they are ready to do anything in order to become parents. Fibroids can often cause infertility in woman and sperm count is also falling in men due to sedentary lifestyle. If you are hunting for one of the most reputed Fertility Clinics in India then Chennai can be a good choice. Chennai is one of those metropolitans of the country where medical facilities are quite good and doctors are equipped with advanced fertility techniques. That is the reason why many people visit Chennai for availing sure shot infertility treatment. With wide range of techniques available at these centres pregnancy is not going to be a problem, anymore.
What is IVF?
You have heard a lot about IVF centre in India but may not have a clear idea about the process. If you are dealing with infertility, it is important for you to know what it is all about. It is a process of manually combining egg and sperm and transferring it back to the womb for the baby to develop in a natural way. This process is followed if the fallopian tube is damaged or in case of uterine fibroids or endometriosis or any other unexplained infertility problem.
What is surrogacy?
Surrogacy is an option for the mother whose womb is not capable of bearing a child. In that case, another female keeps the baby in her uterus till it is born and then hands the child over to the real parents. This system is also quite popular these days and is being adopted by people with medical issues or for those who don’t want the hassles of child birth. Choose a surrogacy centre in India that will carry it out with proper care.
While these are two major treatments available, there are much more options available for people who are willing to become parents.

IVF and Surrogacy options for Curing Infertility

Knowing The Bright Future Of IVF Clinics In India

provide3IVF or In Vitro Fertilization has been gaining a lot of popularity in India. This is the reason why a lot of people from other countries are visiting India as IVF offers better prospects here. For those who do not know, IVF is a kind of assisted reproductive technology, or you can say ART. With the implementation of this technology, thousands of couples have been able to fulfil their desire of becoming a parent. The IVF clinics in India have helped a lot of women to become mothers. So, let us tell you more about this technology.
The aspects of IVF clinics in India
In the technology related to IVF India, there are mainly four steps. The first step is known as ovulation induction. The process of ovulation is triggered in this step. The next step is called egg retrieval. Once the ovum takes the form of an egg, it is retrieved very carefully. In the third step, the fertilization of the egg is carried out. In the fourth or the final step, the embryo is transferred to the uterus inside the mother. With the help of best IVF centre in Chennai, couples who are infertile from the perspective of reproductive system can also think about becoming parents.
There is no dearth of IVF clinics in Chennai, and the market of Surrogacy Centre In India is expanding at an impressive rate. But, it is also true that not all clinics are reliable enough. Since IVF is a very complicated process therefore one should not take any kind of risk when it comes to choosing the best IVF clinic in Chennai. So, how to find out the best one? Below are some of the points you can consider in this matter-
1. License- In order to run IVF clinics in India it is important to obtain a license from the Indian government. Therefore, when browsing through the website of an IVF centre or when you visit its office then it would be better to make sure the clinic is a licensed one. The license to run such a clinic is given by the government only if the centre is well equipped with all the necessary facilities and the doctors are experienced and trained ones.
2. Reputation- The reputation of most of the IVF India based clinics is good one. This is the reason why people even from the other countries come down to India. You can verify the reputation through many ways; you can check out the online reviews, testimonials, and also ask for recommendations from your family doctor about.
3. Success rate- The rate of success delivered by the best IVR centre in Chennai will surely impress you. Most of the details are already provided on the website of the clinics.
4. Fees- The amount of money charged by the best IVF clinic in Chennai might bother you a little; but, the kind of service you will get in return will be worth the money spent.
So, those were some of the points you can consider for finding a good IVF and Egg Donation In India based centre.

Knowing The Bright Future Of IVF Clinics In India

Myths and Misconceptions About IVF Clinics in India Busted!

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an assisted reproductive technology where fertilization of the eggs are performed outside the human body. With the use of this technology several couples are able to get babies without any form of fertility treatments. In fact, in recent years it was recorded that over 5 million children worldwide were born with the help of IVF.

Though there are a plethora of benefits offered by this technology, yet many are not sure whether they should opt for it or not due to the possible myths and misconceptions that they have in their mind. This article will focus on the common myths that people have regarding IVF clinics in India and at the same time make you aware why this is one of the finest assisted reproductive technology.

Common Myths About In Vitro Fertilization:

Despite of the increase in public attention about this technology, there are many misconceptions that people come across such as:

Ovarian stimulation can cause cancer: Several studies have been carried out to acknowledge this concern and each one of the showed that there is absolutely no link of IVF with ovarian cancer. In fact, reputable research centers have proved that it is safe for one donor to donate over 6 eggs in one particular cycle.

Takes away the eggs and affects your ovary: In the beginning of cycle your body produces a group of eggs that have to be stimulated in that month. Out of the many, only one matures and the others die. So, when this concept is streamlined with IVF then each and every egg gets stimulated and this maximizes the opportunity to ovulate. This clearly means that nothing happens to the other eggs that did not mature or are left behind in the ovary.

Risk of multiple gestation increases: The best IVF centre in Chennai comprehend to the fact that IVF is the only technique that enables physicians to control the number of embryos that will be implanted. However, in other cases such as injectable or oral medications, insemination and intercourse there is no form of control.

IVF can destroy life: Once the process of fertilization is accomplished, either in body or in vitro, natural selection (a process where the fertilized egg adapts to the natural environment for survival) occurs and this is where the healthiest embryo gets the opportunity to be implanted in uterus through a fresh IVF cycle.

Future of Infertility is Today With Chennai Fertility Centre:

The success rate of IVF is amazing, where the chance of conception has grown from 20% to 35% and this is about from 1 in 5 couples to 3 in 5 couples. The other 2 can try once again in the upcoming month. The success rate of survival of embryo after implantation is even better than that of nature, ranging from 40 to 50% in case of women who are less than 35 years of age.

So, the next generations of fertility treatments beckons you with Chennai Fertility Centre, where your dream of having your child will meet reality.

Myths and Misconceptions About IVF Clinics in India Busted!

Everything You Should Know About the Infertility Treatments

You’d often hear cases where couples at really young ages discuss the problems related to infertility. There can be a variety of reasons behind a man or women being infertile. With the evolution and progress that medical science has done over these years, most of these problems or medical conditions can be easily treated.

One prominent way that is getting popular among the couple these days is IVF. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization and many other similar treatments are great ways where a woman is able to conceive a child in spite of different types of adverse medical conditions or infertility problems.

Check out some of the benefits of these infertility treatments discussed below compiled by the experts at the IVF clinics in India.

Numerous Options
Just like the IVF, there are many different types of treatments that are popular amongst these patients. It is believed that IVF is often the last resort and it is used when all other methods and treatments fail to display results. Some of the popular treatments are intrauterine insemination, medical treatments to open up the blocked fallopian tubes, etc. along with the IVF technique.

No Limitations
Since the type and amount of treatments available are many, one can easily find something that works for them. Irrespective of the medical condition or the age of the person (male/female) suffering from infertility, the doctors can suggest a variety of treatments that prove to be effective. In addition to this, in cases when people want to conceive after an old age they too can opt for such treatments and experience the joy of parenthood in life.

You Plan the Childbirth
Although you can otherwise also plan the birth of your child, things are much more controlled when you go for the option of infertility treatments. You can easily find a variety of Chennai fertility centre and then discuss everything with your doctor to plan the time of your child’s birth. There are possibilities where you can preserve the eggs for the future use and this can be very helpful for people who do not want kids at the time they can conceive naturally.

Healthy Baby
The chances of unhealthy baby or a baby born with some or other kind of problems will happen rarely when a baby is born through the treatments taken in the best IVF clinics in India. Since the process is very simplified and focuses on every small and big issue, it is often seen that the problems considered as life threatening do not exist in these children.

Reduced Miscarriage
Since these treatments provided by the IVF centres are highly revolutionised and focussed, the chances of miscarriages or non-conception are negligible. Since abnormality caused due to genes or other medical issues is largely terminated through these treatments, the chances of problems like miscarriages get reduced.

These are a few of the most important benefits associated with the infertility treatments, which can be easily resolved by contacting the best IVF centre in Chennai.

Everything You Should Know About the Infertility Treatments

Knowing About The Various Aspects Of Surrogacy In India

It is the desire of almost every married woman to conceive and eventually become the mother of a beautiful baby. However, life can be quite unpredictable at times, and sometimes women are not able to get pregnant. There could be numbers of reasons behind it, and some of them cannot be fixed. For such cases, the option of surrogacy can be a good idea. The concept of surrogacy has provided rays of hope to millions of couples around the world who were unable to have a child.

Knowing about surrogacy system  
The market of surrogacy in India has developed quite a lot in the last few years. Before we tell you more about the scope and availability of surrogacy centre in India, let us explain a little about this concept. For those who do not know, surrogacy is the method in which a woman is hired by the couple for becoming the carrier or bearer of their child. It can be said that the surrogate mother of the child also happens to be his/her genetic mother. She carries the baby in her womb; it starts by placing the sperm of the would-be father in the ovaries of the surrogate method. After giving birth to the baby, the surrogate mother no longer has any right over the same.

So, how to choose a woman for performing the role of a surrogate mother? Screening is the first step involved in this process. Through screening, a thorough examination of the woman is carried out, and this is done in order to check if she is perfectly fit for conceiving and giving birth to a child. In addition, it also ensured through examination that she is not suffering from any kind of genetic disorder or major disease. As a matter of fact, the concept of surrogacy has been termed as legal in many countries, which includes India as well.

Hence, finding a fertility clinic in India is not at all difficult. If you spend a little time on the internet, you can easily find some reputed clinics. Reputation and license are the two most important aspects that should be taken into consideration. Since the laws associated with surrogacy in India are very strict, therefore you would not want to end up with issues on your side.

Chennai is certainly one of the best places in India where a lot of surrogacy centers are located. Most of the centers focus a lot on the agreement made between the couple and the surrogate mother. The best fertility centre in Chennai can be figured out with the help of online reviews. The reviews can be quite useful in verifying the authenticity and service quality of the fertility centers you have in your mind.
As a matter of fact, the intended parent always has to bear the medical expenses associated with the surrogacy. The expenses also incorporate the cost of living or the surrogate mother. So, understand these things pretty well before proceeding. This will make the whole process easier for you.

Knowing About The Various Aspects Of Surrogacy In India

Important Terms of IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilisation (or fertilization; IVF India) is a method by using the egg of a women can be fertilized by the sperm with the help of technology. It’s a 7 days process where the ovum put off from the woman’s ovaries and fertile by the sperm in a liquid in a laboratory. It takes about 3-7 days to fertilize the zygote (egg).  After this, it implanted in the same or other girl’s uterus. This all process will help a women to get pregnant successfully.

There are number of test and treatments present for this. Here are some of them-
1)Diagnosis of Female Infertility– This has number of sub processes which helps doctor to know exact problems in women’s body who to this treatment. The problems mainly related to scarring, blockages, endometriosis, genetic defect causing infertility, uterine size, irregularities of the fallopian tubes, myometrium and endometrial echo texture etc.
2)Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome– PCOS is common among the young ladies because of their unhealthy lifestyle. By this, multiple cystic created inside the ovaries and can cause to unusual periods.
3)Low Ovarian Reserve-An ovaries can contains number of eggs in a particular time but with LOR these numbers can be reduced which can affects the chance of perfect pregnancy.
4)Ovarian Cystectomy– This can affect the infertility and may reduce the quality of egg.
5)Tubal Blocks– This block will allow the sperm to pass without touching eggs which simply mean that no fertility and no pregnancy.
6)Endometriosis– This is mainly related to tissue. The tissues which supposed to lines inside of uterus is growing outside of it.
7)Adhesions – It is a process of human body response to heal itself so this is not a disease but it can affect women egg and lead to impair the egg’s passage from the ovary.
8)Fibroids– It’s a non-cancerous tumours of the uterine muscle which affect women between age of 30 and 45.
9)Abnormal Uterus– It can make difficult to carry your baby for nine months and can lead to miscarriage.
10)Repeated miscarriages– This mainly happens with the women who reach to 40. It happens to 15%-20 % of all cases.
11)Tubal Reversal– This is one of the most popular method of birth control. In this case woman’s fallopian tube can be closed to prevent next pregnancy.

Cost: Since it’s a costly process that’s why it is available to few countries only but the researcher from Genk Institute for Fertility Technology, Belgium, announced that they have discovered a much lower cost technology which may be suitable for fertility process. They claimed of 90% reduction in cost. India has such hospitals. There are many IVF Center in India which offer this service. If you looking for best fertility centre in Chennai then here we are.

We have the treatment of all these problems. We are one of the best fertility clinic in India located in Chennai. Here we offer you the wide range of treatment and service which to help you to have a cute and healthy baby. We have the history of 20 years and have covered almost all kind of treatments so far.

Important Terms of IVF Treatment

Tips On Getting a Good IVF Clinic In India

India has numerous fertility clinics that record a high success rate of treatment. These clinics receive patients from all over the globe due to their huge popularity and success in helping patients get children. If you are operating from India, it is easy and quick to get an ivf clinic around you because many have branches around the country. However, there are a number of challenges if you want to travel from a different country to India for ivf treatments.

Below are tips on how to get the best ivf center in India to deal with this problem:
1. Meet various doctors personally and discuss issues relating to the treatment: Different fertility clinics in India accomplish treatment procedures in different ways. Different doctors have different qualifications and differing number of years of experience. Besides, the cost and equipment of treatment varies from one clinic to another. It can be very difficult to establish which specific procedures, the details of the operations you will undergo and how much to pay, without actually meeting with the doctor or visiting the specific ivf clinic in India.
If you are traveling from a far country, you could plan to stay in India for a few days so that you can first meet our doctor beforehand, discuss details and plan how the operation will be undertaken. It will allow you to see the conditions of our fertility clinic in India. Use that time to understand the specific procedures that our doctor thinks are needful for your situation, its possible side effects, how long it will take and whether or not there are additional attention after the main operation.

2. Look for a hospital or clinic that specializes in a wide range of ivf operations: Like many ivf clinics in India, we deal with a wide range of infertility problems but are specialists in each. For instance, we combine surgical sperm retrieval with assisted hatching, IUI and ICSI. If you already know which problem affects you, then it is advisable to come to our clinic and specify you want that specific assistance although we will carry our tests for precision on treatments. However, if unaware, our clinic is also suitable because we offer a wide range of treatments. Our ivf clinics also runs a website and we detail the range of each treatment provided. This will minimize the chances of you visiting more than one clinic to establish the one that deals with your problem on arriving in India.

3. Check online reviews of Indian ivf clinics and specific doctors: Some patients who seek treatments in India return to write online reviews of doctors who assisted them and clinics from where they got help. We have couple of those reviews. It is not advisable to be satisfied with online reviews only – some of them will post fake positive reviews and other customers post biased negative reviews. Use other methods to verify the information. You could ask from your home country doctor whether our clinic is renowned – most local fertility doctors in other countries will have heard about many ivf Indian clinics and probably ours too. An alternative is to look for referrals from a real person that you know went to our Indian ivf clinic. You can also research which clinics and doctors have the highest success rates of ivf operations.
That said, our doctors are qualified and experienced and the clinic has adequate facilities: this is the road map towards receiving a permanent solution and reducing costs on recurring problems and side-effects.

4.Search from India clinics and hospital listings: Indian government’s department of health provides a list of accredited ivf hospitals and clinics around the country. Ours is also listed and accredited. You might want to search those in your preferred region and use their addresses and contacts to reach them. Additionally, there are several free online listing services available in which you will find our clinics listed.

Tips On Getting a Good IVF Clinic In India